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Kaya Life

Kaya Life is an ecosystem is a series of products designed to help individuals with diabetes live their lives easier and with less pain. This ecosystem offers a prickless, bloodless way to measure glucose and ketone levels.

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The Challenge

There are two common options diabetics use to monitor their stats. First, there is the blood glucose monitoring system where users have to draw out their blood with per use strips. Not only is this very painful, but this also causes scarring on the tips of your fingers. The second option is the continuing glucose monitoring system. Current CGM’s require users to awkwardly stick a sensor on your abdomen and monitoring on your waist throughout the entire day. These devices are very visible and uncomfortable, and they also cause bruising.

We recognized the need for a solution for monitoring diabetic health and are passionate about making it a reality.

The Solution

We came up with a unique, comprehensive, and innovate solution we call Kaya Life. The Kaya Life ecosystem comprises of a sensor, wristband, app and website.

The app will automatically log and graph the user's glucose and ketone levels and can tell the how much insulin the user may need. We included a food guide to eliminate the need for diabetics to carry around and flip through a bulky book of foods to see what they can or can’t eat. We added gamification to make our app more fun and user-friendly. Users can set goals and when they acheive them, they receive virtual badges. We feel the most important part of our app is the push notification feature. Our app will notify the users if their stats are getting too high or too low so they can take action, immediately.

The Impact

We presented Kaya Life to an esteemed panel of venture capitalists, bankers, and business leaders and won the TYE Vancouver Venture Challenge in 2013. We were then flown to Washington D.C. to present our ideas to venture capitalists on a global stage, and competed against hundreds of students from 17 cities around the world, and won the TYE Global Business Plan Competition in May 2013.

In 2014, Richmond Review’s 30 Under 30 list featured our team and project.

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Preface – As part of TYE Vancouver, high school students in grade 11 and 12 learn about the challenges and rewards of becoming an entrepreneur from seasoned entrepreneurs and mentors. Students work in groups and work together to create a business concept that solves real world problems.

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