Shuura – Case Study: Eva Air

Eva Air's Booking Module

Purchasing tickets is the most profitable part of Eva Air’s business and we felt we could start improving the experience they are currently offering by redesigning their booking module on their homepage.

See the redesigned booking module in action

The Challenge

The requirements of the course was to design a fully interactive and responsive user interface project. Each week, we would do a step (or two) of the UX process and we would need to present a live working version of our project at the end of the term.

The Idea

We set out to create a responsive module that was clean, easy to use and user-friendly. The green and orange hues were from the corporate logo. We concluded that sticking to the brand’s colours would make the overall site design more cohesive and enhance the user experience.

The Solution

From understanding the user, to determining the site structure and visual design, we developed prototypes and conducted usability tests aplenty to nail down the responsive design that best fits the user's needs.

shuura eva air redesign

Credit – The team comprised of Michelle from Shuura and classmates: Anna, Tala, and Vivienne. We split up the development work by the different features in the booking module, taking into account each team member’s strengths.

Disclaimer – Eva Air’s logo and existing site are copyrighted by EVA Airways. This project and case study was created for educational purposes. For any questions or queries regarding the case study, please contact

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